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  Introduction of the Company

We began the business activity connected with transformers in 1970 in the Iron- and Metal Industry Co-operative. Our company, FLUXUS Ltd. separated from this co-operative in 1992, with five owners.

Our field of activity includes: manufacture and insulation of wires making of special pipes coiling, repair of transformers At the beginning of our activity we rented the production hall but in 1997 we purchased it as a project. Then we built up a modern heating system in the hall and renovated the road network and the sanitary buildings. We possess ISO qualification.

The permanent dynamic improvement is characteristic of our company; this includes the machines and equipment as well as the modernisation of technology. We employ 20-25 persons. Our annual production value is 150-200 million HUF.


We perform the activity in a heated hall equipped with crane and consisting of three sections, with a total area of 2500 m2. The value of our machinery equipment is some 200 million HUF. This includes tensile, flattening, insulating, pipe producing, coiling machines as well as annealing, drying and pipe baking ovens and many other equipment.

Our main customers are large multinational and home companies which cover 80-90% of our production.



  Fluxus Kft. (2007) Minden jog fenntartva